Welcome to American Palette.

The art you will find here is inspired by ideas or things that have told our story as Americans over time, and those that continue to tell it. From colorful flowers that grow in the south and famous cowboys out west, to Georgia's world-famous golf tournament, and scenery from coast to coast; even imagery of hardship, perseverance and triumph - those are the things that I think should be hanging on walls as reminders and get a chance at being called "art". My goal at American Palette is to create something that reflects our stories - big or small, young and old, well-known or untold.  Each of us has our own perspective and I think they are all important in their own way. To me, "America" doesn't have to be political or controversial - it can just be something that we appreciate to call home, where we grew up, where we endured life's trials and celebrated our happiest moments, where we learned who we are and a place we get to share with loved ones. I want to help tell these stories through the art here; that is my passion. America was founded by every-day people acting on what they believed in and their life decisions changed the world forever. America is rooted in the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we continue to grow and evolve in new ways - I hope to do the same here.


Thanks for coming along with me,