Impacts of COVID-19

Check out my interview with the local news on how COVID-19 has impacted vendors at a local farmer's market in Augusta, GA.

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The downtown market was originally scheduled to open up mid-April for its regular season. As COVID evolved and the quarantine continued, re-opening dates were consistently pushed out and communicated via the The Augusta Market Facebook page. A June 6th date seemed to be set in stone as many vendors prepared their businesses and products for the highly anticipated weekend, all to be cancelled just two days before the event that was promised a few weeks prior. With Governor Kemp setting a reopening of the entire state in June, I wasn't expecting for an open-air market to be an issue, especially since grocery stores, Wal-marts, Targets, large hardware stores, indoor malls, bars and restaurants were all essentially back and running if they wanted to.

Surely it was just a bad joke, right?

It is said that the decision was "made by the

city" (I'm always amused by that line) and that they've now decided

to postpone another two months, with a tentative date of August 1. Another bad joke. A farmer's prime season for selling his fresh produce, for a young family to get outside and support their city, for any small businesses just trying to make it after quarantine hell.

I can't believe it.

Thanks for putting us out another two months, city leaders. It's been noted.

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